Lies in the fertile land of the Florentine countryside, Villa Olmi is an ancient and distinguished estate set in a magnificent italian garden, faithfully restored by the best Tuscan and Italian artisans with the supervision of Monuments and Fine Arts Department.

The area where the villa stands, called “Pian di Ripoli”, has always been known for its fertility and, in past centuries, also has earned the name of “Pomario di Firenze”, “Fruit Garden of Florence”, because the monks of the order of Vallombrosa settled here their farms and the Georgofili Academy its experimental gardens.

The history of Villa Olmi takes us on a back in time journey: the first documentations of this estate date back to the 15th century, thanks to the first topographic maps of this area made by Leonardo da Vinci.

In 1463, the Buonguglielmini family from Perugia built the first “villa” on existing rural buildings, and in 1565, after the transfer of ownership to the Mozzi Florentine family, the structure began to be expanded, enhanced and modernized.

During the 19th century, the estate lived its best years: passed to the ownership of the Florentine lawyer Ippolito Pestellini, became soon a highly efficient agricultural estate, worthy of numerous medals collected over the decades around the turn of the century, among which stands out the Gold Medal of the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1900.

During the last century, the estate went through a slow and progressive decline, first with the cessation of farming activities and then with the abandonment of the park and the buildings. Only the current ownership, conscious of its great historical and cultural value, has been able to bring back the estate to its former glory.

In effect, the Villa Olmi restoration has been an attentive and faithful project designed in detail to give back its original identity: the research project was made with the supervision of Monuments and Fine Arts Department of Florence, consulting the archival sources, the aerial photos and all the available testimonies. In the same way, the restoration work has been realized, as in past centuries, by the best artisans of the Florentine and the Italian tradition, bronze workers, master glass-workers and decorators.

Today Villa Olmi recalls the glorious past of its golden age: thanks to the preservation of the originality of its locations, it gives back the value of the ancient Florentine estate, from the halls decorated with stuccoes to the brick-vaulted cellars, from the geometries of the typical Italian garden to the intimacy of its ‘hortus conclusus’. Moreover, the furniture with original antiques, the chandeliers in Murano glass, the precious drapery, the great painting on the walls make unique this location and unforgettable every stay in this enchanting estate.


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